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    About Us

  • 竞博jbo官网-竞博国际-电竞博彩外围 is located in the beautiful and prosperous region--Jiangyin City Jiangsu Province, of rivers and lakes in the south of China with beautiful view , it is nearby Jiangyin Yangtze River Highway Bridge, Xicheng Highway, Huning Highway and Yanjiang Highway are all around our company. We enjoy convenient transportation.
    Our company founded in 1984, the old factory has 25000 square meters ground, 15000 square meters building, 50 million assets. Our new factory has 40000 square meters, modern processing equipments, mainly manufacture the Multi-layer Coating.[More]
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    Contact us

  • Add:No.99 HuanNan Road ZhuTang JiangYin China.
  • Tel:0086-510-86381737
  • 86399999 86395500 86395511 86395566 86396677
  • Fax:0510-86399999-8008
  • E-mail:info@honghuamach.com
  • URL:http://www.honghuamach.com
  • Product Recommendation

    HLM160-3000 Felt Laminating Machine HLM160-300
    HLM100-1600 Coating machine HLM100-160
    HDLM90-1600 New Type Paper and Plastic Extrusi Laminating Machine HDLM90-160
    HZLM90-1500High-speed Paper And plastic Coating Machine HZLM90-150
    HLM100-2400 Non-woven Coating And Laminating Mcchina HLM100-240
    HLM90-1600 Paper printing and Coating Machine HLM90-1600
    HBD-600(1000) Computer Control Automatic Bag Making Machine HBD-600(10
    HR-500(700) Automatic Bottom Bag Making Machine HR-500(700
    HBD-600 Computer-Control Automatic Bag Making Machine(Stainless steel) HBD-600 Co
    SL-50-(300×2)/SL-65-(600×2) Double Head Film Blowing Machine SL-50-(300
    SL-50-800/SL-45-600 Film Blowing Machine SL-50-800/
    SL-45-600/SL-55-800/SL-65-1000 PP Film Blowing Machine(Rotary Die) SL-45-600/
    SL-65-1000 High Speed Film Blowing Machine SL-65-1000
    SL-600 Double Color Striped Film Blowing Machine SL-600 Dou
    HSY-600 Blowing Film in Line Printing Machine(ABA) HSY-600 Bl
    HDLF(90-65)×2-1000 Multi-layer Coating and Laminating Machine HDLF(90-65
    HZFQ-1000 High Speed Paper Cutting Machine HZFQ-1000
    HY-1000 Shaftless Transmission High Speed Gravure Paper Printing Machine HY-1000 Sh
    HF-1000 Model Dry-type laminating machine HF-1000 Mo
    HSY-350 Film Blowing And Printing Machine HSY-350 Fi
    HQF-1100 High Speed Automatic Sliting and Rewinding Machine HQF-1100 H
    HDLF65×2-1000 Coating and Laminating Machine HDLF65×2-1
    HSY-50-800/HSY-65-1000 Blowing Film in Line Printing Machine HSY-50-800
    HRF-1300 Heat laminating machine HRF-1300 H
    HFQ-1100(1300) Photo-Controlled Automatic Cutting Machine HFQ-1100(1
    HCK-100 Hydraulic Pressure Punching Machine HCK-100 Hy
    HR-120 Waster Plastic Recycle Machine HR-120 Was
    HHFS-30/HHFS-50 Plastic Crush Machine HHFS-30/HH

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  • Laminating Machines
  • Cutting Machines
  • Film Blowing Machines
  • Bag Making Machines
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    Honor Honghua machinery and equipment access to more than 30 national patents for inventions and utility models, is directly responsible for the successful development and commitment...[More]
    Add:No.99 HuanNan Road ZhuTang JiangYin China. Tel:0086-510-86399999 86381737 Fax:0086-510-86399999-8008
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